The Maverick Baseball Showcase Teams were founded with the purpose of giving athletes the opportunity to develop both their physical skills and baseball acumen through professional instruction and competitive play. The program is geared toward athletes who desire to play at varsity and college levels. Players continuously receive age appropriate instruction from professional baseball coaches in a baseball environment.

Spring and Summer MAV team practices practices begin in December and end in March. The teams aged 13 above re-gather after the high school season in June and play through August, while 12 and under teams start in the spring. The winter workouts solidify team chemistry and prepare players for the season to be. The idea is to prepare each player and team to be successful. Winter is also a time for skill evaluation, coach player / relationship formation and team chemistry building. It is also an opportunity for players coaches and parents to understand the program as well as team and personal goals. The volume of repetition both in lesson and drill will have players ready for high school and spring leagues as the case May be. Winter is a Home Team advantage for the Mavs.


The MAVS’ training and home games will take place predominantly at Navajo Fields.  This indoor / outdoor baseball facility provides an amazing 12,000 square feet of indoor training space as well as multiple baseball diamonds of various surfaces and dimensions as well as a large number of training cages. The indoor facilities feature 3 full size clay mounds, artificial turf and clay. Navajo Fields is located at 3000 Navajo Street in Yorktown Heights, New York just 2 miles east of the intersection of the Taconic State Parkway and State Route 6.


Winter training sessions are offered at 12 different times and or dates per week. Players choose any three sessions per week during the winter that fit their schedule (each session is 1 – 1/2 hours ). Each session is marked for the specific skill that is being worked on and players choose accordingly. Team coaches designate certain mandatory attendances for a team specific practice


Players will have the opportunity to participate in approximately 20 home games during the summer / spring season from Monday to Friday. All teams will participate in weekend tournaments, 2 of which will require an overnight stay. Players displaying exceptional talent may be asked to participate in a national tournament. Chosen players will play in seven (7) tournaments including two week long tournaments. These tournament were chosen because of their historical record of attracting college recruiters.

  • Note Tournament schedules vary based on team age, talent pool and parent coach meetings.


Players will gain knowledge from an elite staff of hitting, fielding, pitching and strength and conditioning coaches. Our coaches possess an extensive spectrum of talent and experience that will serve to support the baseball journey players are about to embark on. One of our many goals is provide each player with an individualized plan to help them define their personal goals.  The MAVS’ coaching staff is determined to support you in fulfilling your personal, high school, college and professional baseball dreams.