winter_workoutsFour Monthly Sessions
Start DateEnd Date
December SessionSunday, December 6thSaturday, January 2nd
January SessionSunday, January 3rdSaturday, January 30th
February SessionSunday, January 31stSaturday, February 27th
March SessionSunday, February 28thSaturday, March 26th

The primary focus of the Baseball Winter Workout program is to provide highly competitive players with the resources of a baseball specific indoor/outdoor baseball facility and a faculty of professional coaches whose backgrounds are skill specific.

Athletes are afforded skill specific high repetition sessions to enforce proper mechanics and develop muscle memory. Each player has the opportunity to attend three (3) one and one half (1-1/2) hour sessions per week. There are twelve separate time blocks for sessions reserved on a first come first serve basis.

Each session is skill specific. A player receives a pass code and signs himself in each week on the website for the sessions that player chooses to attend. Sessions are offered two times per day 6 days per week. Please refer to website calendar and below for specific times and specific instruction skill. Players may attend back to back session

Weekly Schedule:

Hitting9:30-11 am7-8:30 pm6-7:30 pm6-7:30 pm5-6:30 pm9-10:30 am
Fielding10:30-12 pm8 - 9:30 pm6-7:30 pm10:30-12 pm
Pitching8-9:30 pm7-8:30 pm


Sessions Per Month MAVS MemberNon-MAVS Member
Enrollment is for 3 Sessions Per Week. Each Session is
90 Minutes in Length for 18 Hours of Instruction Per Month


East Coast Baseball Coaches will cover:

Dry Mechanical Work – fundamentals of mechanics with dry mechanical work to develop proper muscle memory.

Bull Pen Session  – Purpose is to put to use the dry mechanical work.

Throwing Progression –  to reinforce proper warm up before throwing.

Each team will be broken into 3 groups of approximately 4 players. Each group of 4 will have a 15 minute session with a Pitching Coach followed by a 15 minute session with his assistant Coach. There is an approximate ratio of player to coach of 4:1 where pitching techniques will be demonstrated, taught, corrected and then reinforced.

Players not in the pitching tunnel will be working with another East Coast Baseball coach (and the team coaches if the TEAM desire) in an alternate area on a drill reinforcing the technique being taught.  Three tunnels or approximately 7,500 sq ft will be used for these drills.

The last half hour of the session will be a full team practice in a two tunnel area of approximately 3,000 sq ft. This time will also be used for physical conditioning and training.


Coaches will cover hitting fundamentals. Coaches will work with groups of 4 players as his assistant works with another 4 players on live batting practice or targeted drills.  Players will have 30 minutes of instruction in a 4:1 ratio.

Players not in session will work with an assistant coach and (team Coaches) in an alternate area on a related drill.

The last half hour of the session will be a full team practice, conditioning and physical training.


Coaches will work in 2 tunnels in player groups of 6. Players will receive position specific instruction on proper footwork, approach, arm slot and fielding technique. Players will learn both infield and outfield techniques, bag coverage, game awareness, and bunt coverage. Coach’s assistant will conduct drills to reinforce the techniques. Players will receive 45 minutes on a 6:1 player coach ratio.

The last half hour of the session will be a full team practice, conditioning and physical training.