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December 1 thru March 26

Inside our One of Our Heated, 6,000 Square Foot Mini-Domes

Hunter is regarded as one of the leading Faceoff Coaches in the area. His commitment and dedication to the art of the faceoff is demonstrated in his attention to details and constant feedback aimed at improving each players technique and performance at the X. Our  program is developed for boys 3rd grade to High School and of any skill level.  

The Navajo Lacrosse Faceoff Training will improve the lacrosse skills of players through high quality repetitions and professional instruction. Our players will develop the confidence and ability to contribute to their teams performance by learning to control the Faceoff X.

About the Training:

  • For boys Grade 3 thru High School

Each 60 minute session will focuses on the biomechanics required in the following areas which will help lead to a higher success rate at the X and an increased lacrosse IQ:

  • Body Position/Stance
  • Technique for Leading Moves or Counter Moves
  • Groundball’s
  • Wing Play
  • Shooting of the X


All Grades6 - 7 pm5 - 6 pm


  • Register “Àl Lax Carte” for the sessions you will attend
  • Only $25 per 60 minute lesson. 
  • Offered multiple times per week to help fit in even the busiest schedules.
  • 100% financial value as you only pay for what you attend
  • Come as more than once per week and over multiple weeks to help reinforce and accelerate learning.
  • All Players must bring helmet, stick and gloves
  • Space is limited to only 16 players per session. A waitlist will be offered.

Lacrosse is a game of possession…the team that controls it usually wins the game. It’s that simple!. Skills and ability are important, but it is often the mental preparation and conditioning that separates the “elite” athlete from the rest of the pack. Navajo Lacrosse focuses on both physical and mental conditioning as we believe that the behaviors required to successfully compete in athletics are applicable and transferable to life.

We are proud of the reputation we have quickly developed as a leading provider of high value lacrosse training. Our value is the result of being professional, organized, convenient, flexible and affordable.


Phone: 914 564 2959