Baseball 101

Class is designed to introduce and reinforce the fundamental techniques of baseball to young players. Whether a young player is about to embark on his/ her baseball career, or move up a division in the spring, this training will improve their skills and
help make the  game more fun. The curriculum will start with a basic introduction to baseball and progress to skill development in players’ abilities to run, hit, throw and field in the spring!

The classes will cover every aspect of baseball including:

  • Throwingbaseball101button-325-r2
  • Catching
  • Fielding
  • Hitting
  • Sliding
  • Pitching
  • Games

Classes will have a maximum 6 to 1 student/ coach ratio.

Sign-up quick, spots are limited!

Both Afternoon and Morning sessions are available.

Minor League

Class is focused on  helping  your player get to the next level of their game. The curriculum will cover intermediate baseball techniques along with drills designed to hone their skills. The program will progress from week to week with different material being added in. The curriculum is as follows:

  • Throwing for accuracyminorleaguesbutton-325-r2
  • Catching on the run
  • Fielding drills
  • Hitting to all fields
  • Base running
  • Pitching techniques
  • Games

This age is pivotal in the development of a young athlete! Come train and prepare to be dominant for the season! Classes will have a maximum 6 to 1 player/coach ratio. Afternoon and weekend sessions are available.

Triple “A”

Class is designed to help those players moving up to the big diamond and those who need to sharpen their tools for High School baseball. The sessions will cover advanced baseball skills and situational techniques to satisfy all areas of the game. The curriculum is as follows:

  • tripleabutton-325-r2Throwing with velocity
  • Outfield play/ footwork
  • Infield play/ footwork around the bag
  • Hitting for power
  • Hitting to all fields
  • Mental approach to hitting
  • Base running
  • Pitching techniques
  • Baseball situations
  • How to control the game

Make a jump in your game and train with the professional coaches at East Coast Baseball. Classes are limited and will have a 6 to 1 player to coach ratio. Afternoon and weekend sessions are available.

PlanDurationFee per Player
Group of 4 Players25 Minutes$25
Group of 5 to a Maximum of 10 Players60 Minutes$20