About the Yorktown Sports Complex

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General Description

The Yorktown Sports Complex is located just 40 miles outside of Manhattan and just 2 miles east of the of the Taconic State Parkway / State Route 6 interchange in picturesque Westchester County. Our sprawling serene 62+ acre Complex boasts newly constructed multi-purpose fields that can accommodate up to eight lacrosse / soccer / football / field hockey games simultaneously or four baseball games. The facility also incorporates an official PFP paintball field (speed ball). Parking is on site. There are miles of training trails carved into the natural woodland of Yorktown Height’s pristine nature.

In addition to the fields, the facility contains acres of practice areas with both indoor and outdoor netted tunnels, batting cages, clay bullpens. Currently constructed is 12,000 square feet of indoor training facilities providing two 6,000 square foot unobstructed training areas with actual playing surfaces and 26 foot ceilings.

Completed Designs for the proposed expansion of the facility include a four story million square foot building, two seasonally air supported domed fields and multi-level parking. Collectively, the building and field complex will occupy approximately 25 acres of the site. The remaining 25 acres will remain in a natural state improved only by naturally appearing ponds and nature walks.

Proposed Air Supported Domed Field Complex

Future plans include the seasonal installation of two air supported domes. Town approved plans include an air supported dome to be placed over the entire south west field. When installed the dome will provide 86,000 square feet of rubber infill turf playing surface providing and indoor area for official field size lacrosse /soccer/football & field hockey. The domes 86 foot ceiling height and 86,000 sq. ft footprint will accommodate a 90 foot baseball diamond or three 50 / 70 diamonds simultaneously. Completed plans include a second air supported structure to be placed on the North West field. This dome will have a footprint of 126,000 square feet and achieve a ceiling height of 146 feet.   Collectively the air supported dome complexes will accommodate concurrent play of 3 football games or 3 soccer games or 3 lacrosse games or 2 – 90 foot baseball games (6 – 70 foot baseball games). This indoor complex will guarantee that participants who travel greater distances to participate will not be disappointed by weather. A free standing indoor parking garage accommodating more than 600 vehicles will be built below grade under the field surface.

Proposed Building

The building as designed, will be located at the western most portion of the facility, will contain 5 floors, each  consisting of 164, 000 sq. ft, together with a 164,000 field surfaced rooftop for an additional 984,000 sq. ft of complex amenity. The basement level will contain more than 600 indoor parking spaces. The first floor will house two (2) hockey arenas, built to professional specifications including 40’ of height above the ice surface, and 3 basketball courts built to professional specifications. The second and third and floors will accommodate training facilities, conditioning facilities, medical & rehabilitative offices, restaurants and pro shops. The roof of the building will serve as raised platform supporting a field complex. This complex will contain two multi-purpose fields capable of accommodating concurrent play of 2 football games or 2 soccer games or 2 lacrosse games or 1 – 90 foot baseball game (played on with professional dimensions).

Training Facilities

The building will house, in addition to a reception area and locker rooms (to support the ice arena and basketball courts) training facilities for soccer, basketball, football, baseball, lacrosse and hockey. Professional trainers who run the elite organizations will rent year round the training facilities to hone the skills of their athletes for competition in season. The rental basis for short term lease (typically on an hourly basis) is considerably higher than the traditional commercial tenant at a monthly. This rental equates to nearly double rent per square foot.

Medical Space

The building will house medical support services ranging from physical therapy to chiropractic care to orthopedic surgical practice. These disciplines will specifically focus on the health of the competitive athlete. Programs integrating coaches with trainers, trainers with orthopedists aimed at preventing injury in athletes and the rehabilitation of injured athletes will utilize the resources of the facility to provide state of the art care and programs. The science of movement will be integrated with the human anatomy and with computer assistance; athletes will realize their potential while minimizing injury.

Proposed Parking

In order to preserve the natural character of the site, the primary parking for the facility will be housed below the dome and the building in indoor parking lots each providing more than 600 parking spaces. There will be approximately 110 outdoor parking spaces and additional 600 indoor parking spaces in scattered locations throughout the site. Bus parking and drop off will be contained at an area immediate to the site entry. In total some 1310 parking spaces will be available without affecting the sites environmental integrity.