Navajo Lacrosse Parents / Players / Coaches Code of Conduct

Download Code of Conduct here

The Navajo Lacrosse code of conduct is designed for parents, players, and coaches. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their parents as well as the players on their team.

The code of conduct outlines clear expectations for those involved in the activities. Participation in the Navajo Lacrosse organization is a privilege and it is expected that each parent, player, and coach conduct themselves both on and off the field in a manner that respects positively on themselves and the organization.

We believe that parents and coaches share a vital role in the development of the players. Athletes learn valuable lessons of sportsmanship by observing the behavior, attitude, and demeanor of parents and coaches. With this in mind we do realize that sports are competitive by nature. Our goal is to promote proper sportsmanship and teamwork within a competitive environment. Participants, parents, and coaches will be asked to read, adhere to and sign this code of conduct indicating you have read, understand, and agree to the following expectations. Conduct unbecoming of players, coaches, and parents includes:

1. Poor sportsmanship – including foul language, disrespect, aggression, threatening behavior, and harassment.

2. Use of alcohol or tobacco will not be tolerated – including chewing or dipping on and off the field.

3. Damage or theft of property.

Parents, Coaches, and Players will work collectively to:

1. Ensure players arrive on time to any form of competition including: practices, games, tournaments, meetings, showcases, clinics, etc… “lacrosse time” is 15 minutes early – if not 15 minutes early we consider you to be late. Parents are asked to help in this process and players are asked to inform coaches in advance if they are going to be absent, arriving late or leaving early.

2. Players are asked at all times to display good sportsmanship by supporting teammates, coaches and officials at each event.

3. Players will not engage in physical or verbal abuse towards another player, coach, official, or spectator.

4. Parents will not engage in physical or verbal abuse towards other players, coaches, officials, or spectators. Parents will remember that games are learning experiences for the players. Games are for the players NOT the adults.

5. Parents and coaches will promote a safe and healthy environment. Risk management produces the safest environment for athletes. Coaches will manage risk by following the nine legal duties: properly plan the activity, provide proper instruction, warn of inherent risks, provide a safe physical environment, provide adequate and proper equipment, match athletes properly, evaluate athletes for injury, supervise all actives closely, and provide appropriate emergency assistance.

6. Parents will support coaches and officials working with their children.

7. Coaches will support parents and officials working with their players.

8. Parents, coaches, and players will work together to provide an environment free of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco use.

9. All players, coaches, officials, and parents will be treated equal and with respect regardless of race, religion, sex, or ability.

10. In order for any player or coach to be eligible they must read, adhere to and sign this code
of conduct.

11. Any concerns should be brought to the attention of the Head Coach first, and if not satisfied,
then to the Director of Lacrosse Operations.