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We train Goalies all year long! You Decide When to Start and Stop Your Training.

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NavajIndian Goalieo Lacrosse has rapidly developed into a premier Goalie training center in the region. Through small groups (no more than 5 Goalies to 1 Coach), our Goalie “U” combines innovative position specific drills and positive motivation into an economical program that will help raise the level of play of new and seasoned Goalies.

Navajo Lacrosse understands that repetition is the key to learning. But not just any repetition; it must be proper repetition. Under the watchful eyes of our instructors, our Goalies are constantly monitored and critiqued to ensure that they are practicing the correct technique which will lead to the proper muscle memory needed for maximum performance.

About the Program:

  • Schedule Choices– More times as to when you can train which makes training possible for even the busiest schedules
  • Frequency– Come as often as you like or need to gain the greatest benefit
  • Financial Flexibility– Pay for what you use. Get 100% of what you pay for!
  • Depth– Complete Training from Stick to Step. No need to offer different programs to learn the position.
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Program Directors: Interested in having professional Goalie Training for your program in your home town? Contact us to inquire about the details.We are Home of the No Cost “Try and Buy” Evaluation and Training Session! Click the Link Below to Register

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Please send appointment requests to navajolacrosse@navajofields.com


Choose Any One of Our Packages that Meets Your Training Needs. All Lessons are 60 Minutes in Length:

Your First Lesson is a 90 Minute 1:1 Evaluation & Orientation & Does NOT Count Towards Your Package
Single Lesson$40
4 Pack$140$35 per lesson
8 Pack$240$30 per lesson
12 Pack$300$25 per lesson
Private Lesson By Appointment Only$65 Each

To email requests for appointments, please send an email to navajolacrosse@navajofields.com
Lessons Have No Expiration Date!

Lacrosse Goalies are the only Goalies in sports that are required to make every save using the same hand, so excellent eye/ hand coordination and foot technique are necessary to be successful.

With the impressive growth of lacrosse, many programs at the youth level lack the coaching resources needed to work with lacrosse goalies. As a result, many goalies do not get much instruction beyond a warm-up and some game time feedback from the bench. Often times, families are required to spend money at costly goalie camps or clinics just to get instruction. The consensus in the lacrosse community is that players matriculating to high school are not as prepared as they could possible be.

The Navajo Lacrosse Goalie Training was designed to assist developing goalies by teaching proper techniques and skills from the ground up. Our all inclusive instruction covers:

  • APPROPRIATE EQUIPMENT: Ensuring that young goalies are best prepared to minimize the risk of injury while still maintaining their athleticism in the cage through the use of proper and effective equipment.
  • TOTAL BODY: By utilizing visual aides and equipment, we teach proper body posture and position, with quickness and agility drills emphasized and incorporated.
  • EYE/HAND COORDINATION: Critical to any developing Goalie and often overlooked in many training programs
  • PIPE/ARC PLAY: How to avoid wasted movement plus tips for how to effectively position yourself when the ball is behind GLE.
  • MOVING TO THE BALL: Notice we do not say “stepping”? Do I take a slide step or a 45′ angle? Which one is better and why?
  • THE STICK: How to appropriately grip it for saving shots as well as throwing. Proper stick stringing ideas and techniques are covered as well.
  • PROPER WARM-UPTurning this mundane tradition into the most effective part of your practice and game time.
  • GAME/DEFENSE MANAGEMENT: You asked to play goalie, so by default, you are the Captain of the Defense. What does that mean and what are your responsibilities, not only to yourself, but your team too?
  • ATTITUDE: What it takes between the ears to succeed between the pipes.

All participants should have their own equipment. However, we understand that young players may come only to be looking to “try” playing goalie, so we don’t expect parents to make the investment in new equipment until they are certain the player wishes to continue. Loaners may be available with advanced notice 

All participants below high school must posses a current and valid US Lacrosse ID

Please contact us directly with any questions that you may have at:


Phone: 914 564 2959
Email:  navajolacrosse@navajofields.com

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