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The Navajo Lacrosse Women’s Summer League was designed to fit the needs of all Women’s Lacrosse Players no matter what their experience or skill level may be.

Our flexible enrollment never closes with the option to choose a full season fee or the pay to play option for players who cannot make it every week..




Navajo Lacrosse: BOY’S & GIRL’S SUMMER LEAGUE- GRADES 2 thru 8

Our 2016 season is shaping up to be our best one yet with more players, more teams and greater flexibility with our ability to register for any number and combination of weeks from 1 to 7. No other program in the region can compare the the value & experience that the Navajo Summer League offers.






Indian Goalie



Complete Goalie Training for boys & girls where they will learn and develop the physical and mental skills needed to increase their success on the field.  Take advantage of our Free 90 Minute session so that you can experience first hand our approach to training Goalies..







With our unique “Àl laX cart” registration, our pay-to-play works the same way a restaurant menu works- you pay only for what you order. We allow you to come once or multiple times to each program.

Benefits of our Consumer Friendly “Àl LaX Carte” Lacrosse Programs Registration
  • Convenience– Register only for when you can attend.  No wasted money.
  • Receive 100% Value– Pay only for what you register for. No need to buy a package plan to get a savings.
  • Flexibility– Switch sessions at no charge should a schedule conflict occur which eliminates the fear of losing money by registering early
  • Complete Satisfaction Guarantee– If for any reason you are not satisfied with our lacrosse programs, we will refund you 100% of your registration fee.
  • Come alone or come with friends

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What is Àl LaX Carte Registration? It is exactly what is sounds like- you register & pay ONLY for the sessions you can attend

How does it compare to the cost of other lacrosse programs? Comparable programs in the area are around $45 per hour. Most Navajo programs are $25 per hour- almost half the cost.

Do I have to come to all sessions each week? No. We scheduled each age group twice a week in an effort to make it easier for families with busy schedules to come.

Why are we doing it at Navajo Lacrosse? Lacrosse training can become financially challenging. Assume the typical player wants to play games, receive specialty training i.e. face-off, and and get skills training. “Package” plans may cost $200 for a league, $300+ for face-off training and another $300+ for skills training, totaling $800 or more.

Scheduling conflicts with other activities can cause you to have to miss and not even receive 100% of what you paid for.

Under the Navajo lacrosse programs, that same player can schedule similar activities with us but only for when it works with their schedule. And by paying only for those sessions, they are spending less money and guaranteed to benefit from every dollar you spend.

What happens if I pay for something now but develop a schedule conflict? No problem, we’ll simply move you to another session at no charge as long as you notify us prior to the scheduled start time of your session.

Do I have to play with my age group? No. You are more than welcome to attend with older players, but we can not let you go down with younger.

More Questions:

Call: (914) 564-2959